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Intan Growel

Intan Bits

Intan Bits

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Intan Bits (Slow Sinking Crushable Crumble), a Highly Nutritious Ornamental Fish Food with 43% protein, is one of INTAN's crown jewels. This food is suitable for all types of fish including Discus, Danios, Barbs & Rainbows. The diet is nutritionally balanced to enhance the fish's natural vibrant colours & shape. Antarctic krill, an excellent source of sustainable protein, enhances the flavour & palatability of the food. Additionally, the Astaxanthin in the krill helps to develop the colours of the fish. Thanks to this wholesome formula, the animals experience healthy growth rates & increased immunity to disease.

- Uniquely balanced Discus feed with a blend of crumbled & granulated feeds that is crushable to any size
- Assures high water stability with crushable feed for fry to adults
- Contains Antarctic krill, a rich & sustainably procured protein source for added flavour & palatability
- Discus colours are enhanced through natural sources of Astaxanthin
- Slowly sinking granules for optimum feed intake

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Ideal For Which Fish

Discus, Danios, Barbs & Rainbow

Ingredients & Composition

Antarctic Krill, Maize Gluten Meal, Corn By-Products, Multivitamins, Minerals, Algae, Yeast, Garlic, Preservative, Astaxanthin & Marigold.

Crude Protein (min%): 43
Crude Fat (min%): 7
Crude Fibre (max%): 2
Crude Ash (max%): 12
Moisture (max%): 9

Feeding Guide

  • Feed twice daily, as much as the fish can eat in 5 minutes
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Close cap tightly after use
  • Avoid Overfeeding
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  • Contains Antarctic Krill For Added Flavour For Enhancing Natural Vibrant Colours

  • Specially Formulated Daily Diet For Discus, Crushable To Any Size

  • Easy Crushability Makes It Ideal For Feeding Smaller Fish

  • Slowly Sinking Crumble For Optimum Feed Intake

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Glen Francis
Paid but no order no received or updates

I have already texted I had ordered today itan bits 45 GM's and paid rs 171/- Twice send message to intan department but so far no reply..i have not received acknowledgement for money paid neither order no for same