We at Intan strongly believe that research is an integral part of our crafted feeds. Why?

The development of scientifically tested fish food variants has a direct impact on the quality of fish. The results of our research enabled us to develop species-specific, environmentally friendly, and sustainable feeds that provide joy to hobbyists and breeders while maintaining their fish’s well-being.

The need for research in this area is especially critical given the varying nutritional requirements across different fish species. The development of specific feeds that meet these nutritional requirements is crucial to achieving optimal growth rates and strengthening immunity in fish.

Our continuous trials, therefore, seek to address the nutritional needs of different types of fish through the development of custom-made feeds that contain the right balance of essential nutrients. This process starts with a thorough investigation of the specific needs of the fish strain, which includes an analysis of its digestive system, metabolism, growth rate, and aesthetic factors. The resulting feed formulas are then tested and refined through continuous trials to ensure that they meet the fish’s nutritional requirements and allow the fish to grow at their optimal potential.

With the development of scientifically tested fish food variants, producers and consumers are guaranteed safe feeding options that promote healthy and sustainable fish farming practices.

Red Parrot

Red parrot trial for developing red enhance pellets:

The Red Parrot Cichlid is a popular freshwater fish known for its vibrant and striking red-orange color. However, due to selective breeding, wild color variations are becoming increasingly rare. As a result, fish owners must take special care to maintain the rich red color of their Red Parrot Cichlid.

One of the primary ways to retain the red color of a Red Parrot Cichlid is to provide it with a healthy and nutrient-rich diet.

Our research over a year-long ongoing trial has shown that the inclusion of certain foods and supplements can help to enhance the color of this fish. Some of the recommended foods to feed Red Parrot Cichlids include shrimp, krill, and special color-enhancing fish foods. These foods are rich in carotenoids and other pigments that help to bring out the red and orange hues in the fish.

Red Parrot Cichlid owners can enhance the color of their fish with our naturally occurring carotenoid-rich red enhance pellets crafted with a bountiful amount of carotenoid-rich ingredients, making it safe and healthy for use in extended periods.

Breeders and Growers

Breeders and growers feed successfully raising fry from day one to adulthood:

The breeders and growers feed range is specially formulated for the nutritional needs of ornamental fish at different stages of their life cycle. From newly hatched fry to adult fish, these feeds contain high-quality protein, essential vitamins, and minerals that promote healthy growth and vibrant coloration.

At the early stages of a fish’s life, the diet is crucial to ensure proper and healthy growth. A diet that is rich in proteins is especially needed, as proteins provide the necessary building blocks for muscle and tissue development. The breeders and growers feed range offers high protein diets that encourage a higher survival rate among fry and help secure their growth.

In addition to their stunning colors, many fish display fascinating patterns as they grow. Breeders and growers feed range provides products designed to highlight and intensify fish colors. The feed range’s color enhancement technology includes a combination of natural ingredients, such as spirulina, astaxanthin, and other carotenoids that help to bring out the fish’s natural colors.

Furthermore, the feed range considers critical factors like proper nutrition, packaging, and shelf-life to secure the safety of the feed product through its shelf life. The safety of feeds is essential to ensure the healthy growth and development of the fish, devoid of contamination.

Our trials conducted with the breeders and growers’ feed range have successfully raised a variety of species such as guppy, molly, angels, barbs, goldfish, cichlids, betta and many more of ornamental fish from day one to adulthood by providing the right nutrition, color enhancement technology, and ensuring feed safety. By using these feeds, breeders, and growers can be assured of healthy and colorful fish, which will provide both personal satisfaction and commercial success.