The Best Fish Food in India for Aquarium Fish

The Best Fish Food in India for Aquarium Fish

Fishes are ectotherms or cold-blooded vertebrates whose body temperature depends on the water temperature around them. They are able to regulate their temperature based on their surrounding environment.

Keeping fish in an aquarium is both a pleasure and a responsibility. The feeding of the aquarium fish is one of the most crucial responsibilities and is not as simple as it appears to be.

Feeding techniques, feeding routines, feeding frequency, and food preferences have all been connected to specific behavioural reactions and responses.

Feeding high-quality fish food will ensure the health, growth and reproduction of fish. 

It is critical to understand the nutritional requirements of aquarium fish before selecting the best fish food for healthy growth.

Before purchasing the best fish food for your aquarium fish, make sure to consider the following while making your decision:

  • Check your fish's eating habits- 
  • While most of the fish are omnivores, some, like Silver Dollars and African cichlids, are herbivorous and eat vegetarian food, while others, like Oscars and Bettas, are carnivorous and feed on shrimp and bloodworms.

  • The food is nutritious- 
  •  Ensure that the fish food is free of salt and synthetic colouring. It ought to contain a lot of protein, minerals, and vitamins. Food that is nutritious will enhance immunity and promote growth. Make sure the meal you select meets the dietary needs of the fish.

    1. Fish should consume nutrients that are easy to digest-

    In order to verify that the fish's food is easily digestible, read the ingredients list before buying it. This improves its health and prevents any digestive problems.

    1. Feeding on time and quantity required-

    The feeding amount will be noted on the fish food package. To avoid overfeeding the fish, be careful to adhere to the recommendations on the container.

    Fish should be fed the amount specified on the pack 2-3 times each day. Before feeding the fish, be sure to read the feeding directions and the type of fish food.

    1. Pick fish food that can be kept for a long period of time- 

    Crisps and flakes that have been dried out can be kept in a clean, dry environment, whereas freeze-dried fish food needs to be kept in the refrigerator or airtight containers.

    Now that we have a basic idea of what points to consider before selecting the best fish food for aquarium fish, let’s discuss the right diet for your fish’s healthy growth. 

    Dried food for fish-  The most popular kind of fish food on the market is this dried food. They are available in multiple sizes and shapes. Fish of all types, including omnivorous, herbivorous, and carnivorous can benefit from dried fish meals. The best aspect is that they are reasonably priced and may be kept for a long time in a cool, dry environment.

  • Pellets-
  • Pellets are heavier than flakes and crisps and are also referred to as granules. They are able to reach the fish at the bottom of the aquarium since they are heavier.

    They are of three different kinds: slow-sinking pellets, fast-sinking pellets, and floating pellets.

  • Flakes 
  • This type of dried fish food is thin and compact. When it is completely dissolved in water, it loses all of its nutrients.

    Flakes are perfect for fish that can readily reach the top surface and swim in the middle of the tank. It is designed to meet the nutritional needs of various fish species on a regular basis.

  • Crisps
  • Similar to flakes, crisps are another variety of dried fish food. Unlike flakes, they can float in the water for a long time while keeping their nutrition.

    Although more expensive, this dietary type is more advantageous than flakes. Additionally, they might be too huge for some little fish to eat.

  • Frozen fish food
  • Live food is combined with frozen ingredients to prepare this kind of fish food. Then, this is cut into cubes.

    Simply give your fish these cubes to eat. The best part about frozen cubes is that they can be stored for a longer period of time, which makes each serving easier.

  • Fish Tablets
  • These tablets are a form of dried fish food that, when pressed to the bottom of the tank or to the side wall, will stick to the glass. These are perfect for bottom or middle fish feeders. 

    Their ability to be attached to the aquarium wall or placed at the bottom is a major benefit.

     Some pet owners find it entertaining to feed tablets to the fish. 


    It is very important to only give food to your fish that they can digest and which is of high quality. Only select the best fish food for the healthy growth of your aquarium fish. Hope this blog answered all your questions and was helpful to not only first-time fish owners who are confused about what to get for their pet but also to all those pet fish owners who have been living in ignorance for so long. 

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