Fish Feed In India

Fish Feed In India - A Beginner's Guide

Keeping an aquarium is both a pleasure and a responsibility. Fish feeding is one of the most crucial duties. Understanding your fish’s nutritional needs is pivotal. There are about 5,000 ornamental fish-producing units spread across the country, hence it is vital to cater to the various dietary requirements of the different species of fish in India.

There are numerous types of fish feed in India. They come in different shapes and sizes. However, not all fish food may be suitable for your fish. Hence, it is important to recognize the right type of food for your fish.

Fish require a balanced diet for their optimal development and well-being. Their health is directly impacted by the food they consume. The fish might not be able to survive or develop to their full capacity if the feed is deficient in essential nutrients.

Hence, fishes depend on their feed for their nourishment. To be able to effectively breed your fish, the quality of the feed becomes a crucial aspect to consider.

What are fish feed and their different types?

In the past decade, aquarium keeping has become an extremely popular hobby in our nation. According to estimates, at the moment 1.25% of 78,865,937 urban households in the country are keeping an aquarium, this has led to a rise in the demand for fish feed in India.

Whether you are an aquarium hobbyist or an aquaculture farmer, learning about the nutritional needs of your fish and what type of fish feed is good for your fish is important to make informed choices. 


Pellets, also known as granules, are made into tiny, dense balls or sticks. There are three different types of pellets to choose from. 

Floating: these pellets float on the water’s surface longer than other kinds of fish foods. This is due to them being buoyant because they are filled with a lot of air. This makes floating pellets excellent for top feeders like betta. However, it is important to note that the percentage of air in certain brands could lead to bloating air buoyancy difficulties in some fishes. 

Slow-Sinking Pellets: these come in a broad variety of sizes, from powder to gravel-sized chunks. These pellets sink slowly to the bottom, giving enough time for the mid-level fish. 

Fast-Sinking Pellets: these are pellets that are heavier and hence fall quickly to the bottom, which is helpful for bottom-feeding fishes like Plecos. Considering how nutrient-rich these pellets are, it’s important to follow the instructions to prevent overfeeding

In this way, they are designed to deliver food according to your fish preference. This is great for larger fish and can be made using a variety of ingredients to match a particular diet.


Wafers, also known as tablets, are hard discs of dry food that descend right away and are quite similar to pellets. Intended for bottom-feeding fishes, such as catfish and plecos, they sink quickly to the bottom of your aquarium and soften gradually.

Many are frequently marketed as ‘algae wafers’, but one must be cautious since many contain very little or no algae and are created with subpar ingredients. When the wafers soften, they can be rasped by plecos or be ripped apart by shrimps. 


Sticks are produced using the extrusion process, which uses air to make them float. This makes them lighter, often generating less waste than others. They are ideal for top-feeding fish like firemouths, convicts, large freshwater, and marine fish.

A balanced combination of essential nutrients is found in floating fish sticks, which promote growth, improve colour, strengthen immunity and improve digestion.

It is important to remember that if left uneaten, the sticks can contaminate the aquarium, necessitating frequent cleaning.

The demand for fish feed in India 

Ornamental fish as a hobby has spread across borders, opening doors for cultural exchange throughout India and the world. It has been noted as the oldest and second most popular hobby, after photography.

The trade also involves a diverse range of individuals, including fish farmers, retailers, exporters, suppliers of (aquarium) equipment, and hobbyists from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

In India, there were more than 700,000 fish kept as pets in 2018. By the end of 2023, it is predicted to reach 962,000. As of 2018, the pet fish industry provided employment to approximately 50,000 Indians.

As a result, the pet fish industry has provided employment for over 50,000 Indians and continues to grow. With this rise in interest, the demand for fish feed in India has also increased manyfold. 

Sustainable feeding   

With the rise of the production of fish feed in India, the drawbacks of unsustainable ingredients being used have been brought to attention. This has led to a need for a more inclusive and sustainable fish feed.

Fish feed, particularly in large-scale aquaculture, can have an impact on the ocean environment. For a more sustainable approach, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have been attempting to lessen its reliance on marine fish as a source of aquaculture feed through the NOAA-USDA Alternative Feeds Initiative, since 2007. Alternatives like plant-based ingredients are being explored as feed ingredients rather than the continuous dependence on fishmeal and fish oil.

The new sustainable feeds must be more inclusive and support socioeconomic empowerment while keeping in mind the ecological impact it can have.

Is keeping aquarium good for home?

The hobby of keeping aquariums is becoming more popular across the nation for a variety of reasons, including rising per capita income, an influx of people in the middle-income level, and an increase in nuclear families, particularly in urban India.

Hence, with the rise of hobbyists maintaining an aquarium with various species of fish, it is crucial to know about the correct type of fish feed in India to choose the one that is right for your fish. Intan provides the perfect solution of fish feed that is sustainable to the environment and nutritious for your fish. Intan offers a range of 17 plus products of fish feed in India, which are tailored to the specific needs of each species and are made with sustainably sourced ingredients. 

At Intan, we are here to provide you with premium fish feed. Our feed is tailored to meet the specific needs of each species. We truly believe every feed can spark positive change and create a future promoting quality, resilience, and well-being. We aim to serve the needs of hobbyists and breeders for the best quality of each species’ unique requirements. To know more about us, check out our Instagram page or you can find us at our nearest outspot.

We are not just a brand; we are stewards of the underwater world. We believe in the well-being of our friends and their mental health. Understanding and addressing the stressors that affect fish is not just a concept for us, it's a commitment. Through our dedication to research and innovative products, we aim to ensure that fish everywhere can lead happier, healthier lives.
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