Habrosus Corydoras

Habrosus Corydoras - A Comprehensive Care Guide

The Habrosus Corydoras is a small species of catfish native to South America. It is commonly referred to as the largest dwarf Cory catfish due to its size in comparison to other dwarf Corydoras species. Even though Habrosus Corydoras is not endemic to India, understanding its care requirements can benefit aquarists all around the world.

This blog will provide a full care guide for Habrosus Corydoras, including everything from tank setup to nutritional requirements.

Tank Setup:
Corydoras are little fish that flourish in well-maintained aquariums with plenty of hiding spots and soft ground. Provide a tank with a minimum capacity of 10 gallons for a small group of Corydoras habrosus. To protect their fragile barbels, use a substrate of fine sand or smooth gravel. Decorate the tank with driftwood, pebbles, and live plants to replicate their natural habitat and create hiding places.

Water Parameters:

Stable water parameters are essential for the life and well-being of Habrosus Corydoras. Keep the water temperature between 22°C to 26°C and the pH between 6.0 and 7.5. Habrosus Corydoras need gentle to moderately hard water with a hardness level (GH) of 2 to 15 dGH. Regular water changes and sufficient filtration are required to preserve water quality.

Tank mates:

Habrosus Corydoras are gentle, social fish that thrive in community aquariums among other small, non-aggressive fish species. Other Corydoras catfish species, small tetras, rasboras, and gentle dwarf cichlids are good tank mates. Avoid keeping Habrosus Corydoras with larger or more aggressive fish that could intimidate or predate on them.

Dietary Needs:

Habrosus Corydoras are omnivore scavengers that consume a range of foods in the wild. They should be fed a diverse diet that includes high-quality sinking pellets or granules, frozen or live bloodworms, brine shrimp, and daphnia, as well as algae wafers and blanched vegetables. Feed them small amounts of food several times per day to guarantee adequate nutrients.

Behaviour and Care:

Habrosus Corydoras are busy bottom-dwelling fish that spend a lot of time hunting for food in the seabed. They are quiet and gregarious fish that thrive when kept in groups of at least six. Provide plenty of hiding spots and shaded areas in the tank to alleviate stress and stimulate natural behaviour. To keep your Corydoras habrosus healthy, replace the water regularly and evaluate the quality.

The largest dwarf Cory catfish is an attractive and fascinating addition to any freshwater aquarium.  Aquarists can enjoy the beauty and charm of Habrosus Corydoras in their home aquariums by providing a good tank configuration, maintaining stable water parameters, selecting acceptable tank mates, feeding varied food, and giving proper care and maintenance.

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