Our Testimonials

AROWANA STICKS– Arowana feed is excellent. Your team visited my farm last month & gave me Arowana sticks. I never thought my fish would eat it, but they took it immediately after feeding. Instagram page is also very good.



Even though my fish previously only ate naturals food. I didn’t think that’s devour. Your product is amazing.



ORNAMENTAL FISH WAFERS – I think this will change all the industry outlook in ornamental fisheries at least in India as main hurdle is going to pass as we got the substitute to the live feed which is virus and bacterial free. Let’s see how it moves further. Will send you my guppies’ photo also they become damn healthy and attractive.

Hemant Gajakos


Witnessing Angelfishes thriving and enjoying their treat with Intan Faux Worms.

Qalandar Aquatics


ORNAMENTAL FISH WAFERS – Intan Ornamental wafers is a good n unique option. Faux worms also very good. The quality is up to international standards.

Harsad Patil


We are elated to witnessing as our customer shares the joy of feeding micro bits to his guppy friends. Their joyful response is simply heartwarming

Mr Andy


BITS – Feeding Intan Bits for the first time to these exotic green angel’s babies. The response was really pleasing as they readily accepted the feed and didn’t show any resistance as a first-time feed. Great response and even colour enhancement can be readily seen in red cherry angels. Thank u intan.

Mr Prajeesh Kumar

Baroda Trust Aquatics

Thank you so much madam apane itna achcha guide Kiya, main sabko bolta hoon arowana discuss use karne ko. Food bahut achcha hai



FAUX WORMS – Faux worms are great 75% of stock accepted at 1st day itself. Thank you for recommending

Chandrakiran Nayak

I should thank Intan for this remarkable effect of this feed on my fishes



RED ENHANCE PELLETS – Fishes in the factory aquarium have turned deep orange because of Intan feed. Wanted to share with you



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